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eHouse Smart House Intelligent Building Home Automation System

Smart House - Control

Intelligent Building - eHouse Home Automation is a system that allows building integration of domestic installations and total control
             Smart House - Control

             Smart Home Features eHouse system

Smart House - Security

Installation of eHouse smart home system increases safety of home residents through the implementation:
             Intelligent Building - home safety

Smart House - savings

allows significant savings in electricity and heating with a unique controller for central heating and boiler room to allow the use of cheap and free sources of energy and optimum management of the process of heating the house .

             Smart House - Energy Saving

Smart House - Comfort and Convenience

Installation of Intelligent Building system achieves high comfort and convenience of living in a house or apartment:
             Smart House . Comfort and Convenience

eHouse Smart House Intelligent Building Home Automation System en

Home Automation Building Automation Control Building from PC PDA IR Website Tablet SmartPhone .

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