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Building automation controllers eHouse

EHouse system is microprocessor controllers providing a large amount of hardware resources within a single controller:
With this architecture, it is possible to obtain many times cheaper building automation system, while retaining similar functionality , in relation to the type of system EIB , KNX and the like based on the principle " A control unit + 1 modem communication " .

The system architecture eHouse - Local drivers premises , drivers perform their own pre-programmed functions not depending on each other and can even work:
Use the drivers of peace to local control room is the most natural division into building automation equipment due to the management .
Allows you to correct the infrared remote control standard (Sony - SIRC) of the driver - space (in terms of its visibility) .

In other cases, infrared control required by:
Each driver has eHouse system:

Drivers have communication software loaded to allow direct connection to the Ethernet management panels , WiFi , Internet , LAN or RS485 depending on the system architecture .

Large supply of inputs and outputs, can significantly increase user comfort and flexibility of the system installation of the system in relation to " block installation " (Eg . one room - a central lighting) , based on systems , where you pay for each output or input .
It is possible, for example, the implementation of several independent circuits, LED lighting controlled with one controller and the implementation of the peace RoomManagera few sections of the independent control of underfloor heating in the room .

In special cases , with large orders it is possible to implement individual and dedicated control algorithms , implemented in drivers , working in the system eHouse .

Driver Firmware is in continuous development phase to enable implementation of new algorithms and improve the functionality of the current version of the hardware ' with drivers .
In combination with the possibility of upgrading the software drivers directly from the PC , modules can be maintained eHouse in the latest version of software , no need to replace them with new ones (which is practiced in other systems) .

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Building Automation eHouse . Microprocessor controllers for direct control of devices in the home buildings homes offices hotels etc. . .

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Automatyka Budynku eHouse. Sterowniki mikroprocesorowe do bezpośredniego sterowania urządzeniami w domach, budynkach, mieszkaniach, biurach, hotelach itd..

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