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Intelligent Management of the House Intelligent Building eHouse

EHouse system can be managed automatically or manually .

Automatically building automation management

Automatic management of intelligent home is to run the event as a result of internal processing algorithms which control the house for example:

Management Manual home automation

Manual intelligent building management is to run the system events as a result of manual control system, for example:

Intelligent Management and Control House eHouse

Smart House eHouse communication with features bundled drivers and software package allows for a lot of independent methods of transmission , management control and building automation system devices in the home:
A multitude of methods to manage and control your home automation system allows the control of not depending on the hardware , which we have at the moment .
Because of the speed , convenience and ease of availability , for remote control from the outside are best smartphones , PDA , with installed management software , to manage the system from any location on earth .
The most convenient method for remote control of locally in the house are standard in the standard Sony remote controls .

PC Support , allows for independent writing and communication goals using other methods of transmission .
You can also create your own management software , visualization , dedicated interfaces and control algorithms .
To facilitate the integration of building automation system eHouse developed the ability to run the system event eHouse by the Windows file system (by simply copying the text files containing control commands for drivers) .

Software package: Smart House - Software eHouse

Intelligent Visualization eHouse home

Building Automation eHouse has control software and graphic visualization system .
Images for visualization can be created individually for each project, home automation installations in CorelDraw applications using macros to import and export data and names from the system eHouse .
Smart House - control and visualization graphics photo gallery

Intelligent Management of the House Intelligent Building eHouse en

Building Automation eHouse . Manage devices from the House and control panels Tablet PDA PC Schedule - Calendar .

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Zarządzanie Inteligentnym Domem, Inteligentnym Budynkiem eHouse

Automatyka Budynku eHouse. Zarządzanie Domem i urządzeniami z paneli sterujących, Tabletów, PDA, komputera PC, Terminarza - Kalendarza.

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